Who Are We?



Whitten Baptist Church is dedicated to reaching the community and sharing the gospel of Christ with anyone willing to listen.  In order to reach this goal, we have forty-four ministries run by the members of our church.  This church only has eight paid staff, and yet our staff meetings run about twenty on average.  The thing that makes these ministries successful is that they are run by “lay people” who are passionate about who they can reach.


Besides the common programs like GAs and RAs, bible studies and services, we also offer a wide variety of ministry opportunities.  We have Martial Arts classes, an ESL program with an option for help applying for citizenship, a mission and encouragement minded women’s group, just to name a few.


On Sunday nights, we suspended regular evening services in favor of what we call our Four Fifty Six Program.  Instead of coming to church, we are the church.  We offer classes of various ministries: music, cooking, sewing, art, sports, theology, and many others.


We have a modest food pantry filled by donations and maintained by volunteer staff.  We do not have the means to help financially when people stop by to ask for help, but no one ever leaves this building hungry.  This food pantry has helped many of our own members in times of need as well as numerous community residents.


A small Hispanic Church, Iglesia de Christo Viva Palabra, meets in our church multiple times a week, using our Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, and Youth House.


We also host several gateway ministries by allowing independent ministries to use our building.  The Bartlett Community Band practices in our sanctuary and a local ballet group rehearses in our Fellowship Hall.  Various Homeschool Programs use many of our rooms for classes during the school year.  We believe that God has given us this property to use for His ministry, and anytime it can be put to use, we are fulfilling our purpose by using these opportunities to reach people who might never come to a regular church service.


There is almost always something going on at Whitten Baptist Church.  On a weekly basis, more than eight hundred people walk through our doors.  We were put on this corner to reach the community and that is what we intend to do.



9:00                 Bible Study
10:30               Morning Worship
4:00-7:00         FourFiftySix

5:00                 Wednesday Meal
6:30                 Bible Study

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