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We know from the Word of God that nothing can replace the in-person koinōnia (fellowship) of the corporate worship of fellow believers.  However, as a means of ministering to our homebound, as a way of offering reminders and refreshers of previously taught sermons/lessons to our members, and as a way to reach those who do not live in the Memphis area, we upload our Sunday AM sermons and our Sunday PM Bible studies to Facebook, YouTube and on The Let's Church website.  Videos are uploaded one week after being recorded.  Check out the following links to access hundreds of sermons and Bible lessons to help you further your Biblical studies.  

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Point Taken Christian Podcast 

Airs on Saturdays at 1 PM.


Listen to our podcast team tackle tough issues discussed on the most popular media outlets.  The goal of our podcast team is to demonstrate how to have a consistent, rock-solid and unwavering Biblical worldview in our everchanging and unpredictable culture.

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Blue Black Minimalist New Episode Podcas
  • Point Taken Podcast
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